Your Golf and English week ...

TME language school is offering a wonderful week of learning English and Golf in Malta. You will be staying in the beautiful Hilton Hotel in St. Julians, where you will also have your English training in the mornings. The afternoons will then be spent playing at the rich-in-tradition Royal Malta Golf course.

Nick Monte, the organiser behind this event has been taking business men and women for week-long English courses from various companies to Malta for the last six years.

Until last year, English had always been the main focus of these weeks with just a bonus round of golf or an introductory hour or two to the game somewhere in the middle of the English week. However, Nick noticed that most of the participants became instantly hooked on the game, wanting to spend longer improving their golf skills. Last year he met with Henning, the head golf pro at the Royal Malta Golf Course and former member of the prestigious German Audi golf team, and a concept was born!

Nick and Henning decided to organise a friendly competition involving both English language skills and golfing prowess. Two six-man teams compete throughout the week in different skills including "best presentations", "best meeting role play" and, whilst on the golf course, "the longest drive" and "best round". Nick has found that this friendly competition raises everyone's game in both English and golfing abilities, whilst adding a fun dimension to the week. By the end of course, there are no real losers - only winners!

We are offering 6 separate weeks for 2012. For the weeks to be both effective and fun, we aim to keep the group size from 12-16
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  • Dates 2012
  • Sun 1st April – Sat 7th April
  • lower-intermediate level
  • Sun 1st April – Sat 7th April
  • intermediate level
  • Sun 29th May – Sat 4th June
  • upper-intermediate/advanced
  • Sun 3rd June – Sat 9th June
  • upper-intermediate/advanced
  • Sun 9th Sept – Sat 15th Sept
  • intermediate-level
  • Sun 21st Oct – Sat 27th Oct
  • intermediate-level